Sunday, May 6, 2007


Man, I know it's been a while, and how horrible of me to leave all of you on the edge of your seats for so long! Yeah, anyway, I've been studying for my finals for the last couple of weeks, and just finished them. Here's a picture of my buddy's Corvette I ran through Photoshop using a new technique. It's pretty cool, brings out all the details. Also, the picture of my dad after some filtering effects. Compare it to the unedited version I posted on April 2nd; the differences are ridiculous.
So I've been interning with Karim a little bit since I landed this sweet gig, and it's been really exciting. I helped him with a wedding last weekend and actually learned a good bit. But before that, he invited me to go to Talladega to shoot with him for Sports Illustrated! I didn't get to go, but man would that have been killer. Gotta go, you kids stay classy!