Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What to do?

I bet my two devout readers just assumed I had quit the whole blog thing. Surprise! I'm back! Hopefully you've had me on RSS so you haven't been having to check every day. I'm in the midst of trying to determine exactly what I want this blog to be about. I'm not necessarily interested in this being any kind of editorial, where I express my opinions or discuss politics/current events, so that's out. I've also grown tired of the posts solely about myself and the goings on in my life, (who cares right?).

Clearly I'm interested in photography, and I'm inspired by the blogs of David Hobby at Strobist and super-awesome (I really was gonna say "super bad"...damn movie) photographer Chase Jarvis in his blog . However, I can't yet provide the kind of service and insight into my discipline enough to have people actually read for information, I'm still learning.

My passions are music (which I'm kinda burned out on right now, except for the new Interpol record!), photography, and sociology. So, hopefully over the next few months I can make this an informative resource in regards to the latter two, and synthesize ideas from these concepts into a functional learning outlet with a clear purpose. Geez, that seems like a rather daunting task. Sounds like a test question...

Till then, here's a shot of one of the best hot dog joints in downtown B'ham.